Friendswood Police Activity Report January 10-17, 2022

By: City of Friendswood
| Published 01/18/2022


FRIENDSWOOD, TX -- Friendswood Police Activity Report January 10-17, 2022


Jan. 12 (12:53 p.m.) A vehicle burglary was reported at the Morada Senior Living facility located at 1310 S. Friendswood Drive. The suspect was described as a black male wearing a blue and green ski hat and driving a silver Toyota or Nissan. The suspect broke out the front driver’s side window of a vehicle and stole a wallet. Credit cards inside the wallet were used at the Exxon Icebox located at 1401 S. Friendswood Drive at a Kroger store. A second vehicle had the passenger side window shattered and a purse was stolen.

Jan. 15 (2:02 p.m.) Two vehicle burglaries were reported in the 14100 block of Beamer Road at the Paintball Zone parking lot. The front driver’s side window was broken on one vehicle. Cash, a driver’s license, and two credit cards were stolen. Someone attempted to use one of the credit cards at a Kroger store at approximately 2:10 p.m. The second vehicle also had a front driver’s side window broken out. A laptop and cash were stolen. After reviewing surveillance video, the suspect vehicle was identified as a white, 4-door sedan.

Jan. 16 (8:40 a.m.) Officers were first called to a disturbance involving Fernando Jacob Ramirez, 27, of League City, at the Clearview Apartments located at 110 Clearview Avenue. Ramirez was at the apartment visiting his child. His ex-spouse advised she would keep things civil and police left the scene. When police received a second call about a disturbance at the apartment, officers arrived and found Ramirez and his ex-wife kneeling on the living room floor and Ramirez was holding his ex-wife’s hands against her sides. The officer immediate detained Ramirez and removed him from the apartment. Officer were able to determine that the ex-wife asked Ramirez to leave. Once he was out of the apartment, he forced his way back into the apartment and assaulted the ex-wife. Ramirez was charged with Burglary of a Habitation. His bond was set at $40,000 and an Emergency Protective Order was requested.


Jan. 10 (10:12 a.m.) Catalytic converters were stolen from two vans parked at Morada located at 1310 S. Friendswood Drive.

Jan. 10 (2:28 p.m.) A package delivered by Amazon to a residence in the 16900 block of Tibet Road was stolen from the front porch. At approximately 1:15 p.m., a slim white male wearing a neon yellow hoodie and blue pants was captured on surveillance video taking the package. The back of the suspect’s hoodie had the words “TNT Home Remodeling and Restoration”.

Jan. 11 (12:57 p.m.) A theft of mail was reported at a commercial business building on Oaktree Street. The post office provided the victim with signature proof of delivery. However, the victim claims it is not his signature.

Jan. 12 (8:32 a.m.) Plywood was stolen from a home under construction in the 2500 block of Sandy Lake Drive. A total of 121 sheets of plywood were stolen, valued at more than $5,000.

Jan. 12 (2:35 p.m.) A Friendswood woman wrote a check to the landord for business office space in December. The check was sealed in an envelope and placed into outgoing mail at a community mailbox near his residence. The check was stolen, forged and cashed. The intended recipient of the check never received it.

Jan. 13 (10:05 a.m.) A theft victim reported that she paid an RV mechanic in Friendswood in 2019. As of January 2022, no repairs were completed. The RV is used for disaster relief services by Friends Church. The owner was able to recover the RV at the place of business in the 200 block of Castlelake Drive. The owner of the business refused a refund even though no services were rendered.

Jan. 15 (12:27 a.m.) A Friendswood woman’s vehicle was stolen from Friendswood Auto Center located at 304 W. Parkwood Avenue. League City police had a man stopped and charged with DWI. Friendswood police were asked to contact the registered owner of the vehicle to see if the vehicle was stolen. The registered owner had the vehicle parked at Friendswood Auto. The vehicle was recently paid off and she was awaiting the title. Friendswood Auto had made an offer but there was no exchange of money. The case is under investigation to determine how the person arrested for DWI gained possession of the vehicle.

Jan. 15 (10:20 a.m.) A catalytic converter was stolen from a truck parked at the Bay Meadows Apartments located at 17201 Blackhawk Blvd. The victim believes the theft occurred at approximately 6:00 a.m.


Jan. 10 (11:36 a.m.) A Friendswood man received an alert from his credit monitoring service about an account that was opened using his personal identifying information. He also received a letter from the bank regarding changes to his account. He contacted the bank, advised them of the fraud and the fact that he did not open an account with the bank.

Jan. 11 (11:13 a.m.) A local church employee reported that an unidentified person impersonated her in an email to her employer in an unsuccessful attempt to get the employer to reroute the victim’s paycheck to a different bank.

Jan. 11 (7:15 p.m.) A Friendswood man’s business account was compromised. An unknown person created an authorized user profile on his business bank account and conducted an unauthorized wire transfer.

Jan. 12 (1:52 p.m.) A Friendswood woman’s personal identifying information was used to open a Chime online banking account. The fraudulent activity was caught by Chime and reported to the victim by email.

Jan. 12 (4:21 p.m.) A Friendswood woman lost her debit card in December, and it was used to make fraudulent purchases.

Jan. 12 (4:25 p.m.) A Friendswood man’s identity was stolen and used to apply for a rental house. Specifically, the man’s name and social security number were used. The victim’s credit report was pulled twice – once in December and once in January – by two different rental home agencies.

Jan. 14 (12:16 p.m.) An inspector found two skimmers on gas pumps located at the 7-Eleven gas station located at 1651 W. Parkwood Avenue. The skimmers were found on Pump #1 and Pump #19.

Jan. 16 (7:20 p.m.) An unknown person gained access to a Friendswood woman’s online bank account. The unauthorized transactions occurred using Zelle.

Warrants charging Alexis Paige Shelton, 21, of Houston, and Ashley Renee Henry, 42, of Houston, with Theft, were issued by a Justice of the Peace. Shelton and Henry scammed a victim out of money with a fraudulent Offer Up site used to promote discounted airfare. Warrants were issued in Galveston County on 1/11/2022.


Jan. 13 (10:13 p.m.) Joe Daniel Martinez, Jr., 27, of Friendswood, was charged with Assault by Contact-Family Violence. Martinez is accused of assaulting the mother of his children at their home at the Baywood Apartments located at 5025 FM 2351.


Jan. 11 (6:21 p.m.) Tavia Monique Sinkfield, 36, of Friendswood, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1. Winkfield was being processed into the jail at the Friendswood Police Department located at 1600 Whitaker Drive. She was arrested for a Fort Bend County warrant charging her with credit/debit card abuse. As the officer inventoried her personal property, the officer found cocaine inside Sinkfield’s wallet.

Jan. 16 (1:50 a.m.) A suspicious vehicle was found in the Stevenson Park parking lot in the 900 block of Cedarwood Drive. Zanedrean Reece, 19, of Houston, was the lone occupant inside the vehicle. During the contact, the officer observed multiple tobacco products including vape pens and packaged cigarettes. The officer identified Reece and confirmed that he was under 21 years of age and asked him to exit the vehicle. As Reece exited the vehicle, a tightly rolled $100 bill fell to the ground. The officer conducted a search and found cocaine. Reece was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 1.

Driving While Intoxicated

Jan. 12 (11:08 p.m.) Heili Noel Geistert, 37, of Friendswood, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated in the 800 block of S. Friendswood Drive. Geistert was stopped in a day care center parking lot. Her headlights were on and the engine was running. Geistert was asleep in the driver’s seat. Geistert exhibited signs of intoxication and told the officer that she lost her way home after leaving the Gold Club. She failed a field sobriety test.

Jan. 15 (2:08 a.m.) Ashleigh Marie Kettler, 33, of League City, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated-2nd offense and Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group 2. Kettler was stopped for speeding in the 200 block of E. Parkwood Avenue. Kettler exhibited signs of intoxication and was the designated driver with two passengers. Kettler failed a field sobriety test, and her two passengers were picked up by a sober driver. At the jail, Kettler was found in possession of Adderall.

Jan. 16 (2:19 a.m.) Tyree DeSean Hall, 26, of Alvin, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated in the 600 block of W. Edgewood Drive. Hall was stopped for failure to drive in a single marked lane. He exhibited signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test.

Jan. 16 (8:34 p.m.) William Everett Requardt, 43, of Friendswood, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated. He was involved in a crash in the 1400 block of Greenbriar Drive. He exhibited signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test.


Jan. 14 (12:30 a.m.) Andrew James Hall, 19, of Friendswood, was charged with Unlawful Carrying Weapons. Hall was stopped for a defective brake light in the 200 block of N. Friendswood Drive. During the contact, the officer detected the smell of marijuana. A search was conducted, and the officer found marijuana residue, rolling papers, and a handgun. Also found in the vehicle, was a notebook documenting transactions of THC cartridges and cash.

Other Incidents

Jan. 14 (10:26 a.m.) An ongoing dispute between two neighbors in the 2600 block of S. Mission Circle led to the filing of charges and a request for a warrant charging one of the neighbors with Indecent Exposure. In the past, the disputes were over trash being thrown in the other neighbor’s yard, pool, and AC unit – causing damage, and the same neighbor allegedly making racial slurs and threats. The most recent incident occurred on January 13th. The victim’s children were playing in the backyard when the neighbor allegedly exited the front of his residence, came to the side gate of the fence line, turned toward the neighbor’s residence, unzipped his pants, and displayed his genitals. The entire incident was captured on video.

Jan. 17 (12:43 a.m.) A 911 hang-up call led police to a residence in the 200 block of E. Castle Harbour Drive. The female resident answered the door and told police that her children may have accidentally called. The officers knew prior to their arrival that there was an active protective order that forbid Robert Jesse Martinez, 33, of Raymondville, from being at the home. When the female resident was question about who was in the home, she told police that her boyfriend was there and identified him as Robert Martinez. The female led officers to the bedroom. Martinez was found hiding in a closet and was charged with Violation of a Protective Order.

Warm Up Thefts

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