Local shop provides bikes for those in need

By: Doug Meisinger
| Published 11/21/2020


If you are in need of a bike and can't afford one, Jeff Currier wants to help get you on the road. Jeff and his wife Suzanne own Slow Twitch Niche, a bicycle repair shop in Seabrook. Over the last 4 years, they have refurbished and donated bikes to those in need. A lot of bikes. Jeff estimates they have given away over 1,000 bikes to people in our community and he's not looking to slow down. "It's actually not just for Christmas. It started that way. It started with someone saying they needed a bike for someone who was homeless. I didn't have a bike at that time, but I put it out to my audience on Facebook and to our customers. All of a sudden, I had 30 bikes here."

Jeff soon found himself with quite a few donated bikes and wanted to make sure they got to those in need. His message to the community was simple. "If you're in need of a bike for Christmas and can't afford one, come on by and I'll get you the bike." That first Christmas, they donated approximately 40 bikes. The following Christmas, over 100. Before long, it became clear that this would be a year round mission.

Working with CCISD and area churches has been key in getting bikes that need to be refurbished and then getting those bikes to the people.

If it sounds like there is a great deal of time and effort going into this program, that's because there is. Still, this is not a full time endeavor. During business hours, Slow Twitch Niche is the go to place for bicycle repair. Extremely affordable bicycle repair. That alone keeps them plenty busy. They work on refurbishing and donating bikes during their spare time. "We don't do this during the day. I've got to pay the bills. Right now, 4 or 5 times a day we get people visiting to inquire about one of these bikes. It's a lot, but I love the story and I love people donating."

Jeff is quick to say that he can't do this alone. "I have a volunteer that comes here. His name is Bill Rowe. He just started showing up about 3 or 4 years ago and I could tell he had some knowledge about how to repair bikes. He came to the shop one day and asked if he could help. He won't let me pay him. He's retired and he just wants to get people into cycling. He takes on the majority of the people that come in for a bike donation."

As a business, Slow Twitch Niche has always had a charitable mission. "We would do a typical $120 tune-up for $45 and donate a portion of everything we do to Autism charities and Animal Shelters. Every month we tally up what we did and make a donation."

Jeff and Suzanne are not looking to expand what they do, but rather encourage others to find what they can do. "We want to be a big explosion, in a small spot. We want to keep it community. We want to keep it small. If other bike shops or individuals want to mimic what we are doing, we say yes. You're doing it for humanity. I'm not going to expand, but I'll be doing this for as long as I can turn a wrench."

Slow Twitch Niche is located at 1506 Main St. in Seabrook. Stop by or give them a call at (832) 226-3951 and be sure to follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/slowtwitchniche