Galveston Bay Foundation Selects Ward as PR Firm, Media Liaison

By: Press Release
| Published 08/18/2019


Houston-based communications firm Ward has been selected as the public relations firm to represent Galveston Bay Foundation. Working with Claire Everett, Galveston Bay Foundation’s Communications and Marketing Manager, Ward Account Supervisor Ania Czarnecka is the primary external media contact for the Foundation and can be reached at: 713-351-9165 and

WHO: Galveston Bay Foundation was founded 32 years ago by citizens concerned about the long-term degradation of the Bay to preserve and enhance the Bay as a healthy and productive place for future generations.

To fulfill on that mission, Galveston Bay Foundation to date has:

· educated tens of thousands of people about the Bay,

· protected more than 22 miles of eroding shoreline,

· restored, conserved and protected more than 20,000 acres,

· advocated for legislation on behalf of the Bay,

· restored oyster reefs, and more.

HOW: A respected source of information about the Bay, Galveston Bay Foundation subject matter experts are readily available for media interviews and to comment on the following issues:

· Land Conservation and Stewardship, including efforts to protect land in perpetuity as an Accredited Land Trust, enhance wildlife habitats, control invasive plant species, maintain native plant communities, and sustain ecological function of conservation properties.

Habitat Restoration and Protection, including shoreline protection for public lands and private landowners, wetlands restoration, oyster reef restoration and oyster shell recycling, bird rookery restoration, marine debris removal and more.

· Water Protection, including the Bay’s water quality and factors affecting it, water programs designed to keep Galveston Bay fishable and swimmable, steps every citizen and organization/business can take to help increase the quality and quantity of water in the Bay – such as Galveston Bay Bacteria Reduction Plan, Galveston Bay Action Network, Pump Don’t Dump Campaign and more.

· Environmental Education, including Galveston Bay Foundation’s outreach programs that allow thousands of students to experience the outdoors through hands-on STEM curriculum.

· Advocacy, including work with policy and decision makers to protect the health and well-being of the Bay.

· Research, including water monitoring data, conducting bottlenose dolphin population research and human-dolphin interaction research.

WHY: Galveston Bay is our region’s largest natural resource. Half the population of Texas – approximately 12 million people – live within its watershed, which extends along the Trinity River to north of Dallas-Fort Worth. Everyone’s health in our region depends on the Bay’s health.

The Bay produces more seafood than any bay in the nation except Chesapeake Bay, and 95% of the commercially fished species in the Gulf of Mexico depend on its estuaries during their life cycle.

Rapid population growth and development have created major challenges for the Bay, including loss and degradation of coastal habitats, declines in shell­fish and wildlife populations, inadequate freshwater flows, and bacteria and toxins in water, sediments and seafood.