Monthly Vinyl Draught events to return in September

By: Staff
| Published 08/18/2019


Long before there were 6 radio stations, Vinyl Draught was a monthly networking event. The beginnings were humble, with only 22 attending the first one in 2015. The event grew and grew, to the point where locations had to change. Co-founder Doug Meisinger looks back. "It was fun. I met people that have since become very close friends and will be for life. We held some amazing events, but like anything, it grew tiresome."

After 38 months, Doug and his business partner Bertrand McHenry put the monthly events on hold. "We really had to. It was just getting so time consuming. It's easy to put on an event. The hard thing is putting on a good one. I've come to live with the fact that I'm one of those people that needs things to be perfect. If it's not, I won't be enjoying myself. There was just no longer time to make those events perfect."

Location played a big roll in the success of the events. "We developed a good group of people that always attended each one, but there were new faces every month. We wanted people to walk in and see the kind of place they're not used to seeing around here. Water's Edge was pretty new when we started there and Preamble Lounge and Craft House was really new. Both have become places people in the Clear Lake area know well and love."

September of 2019 will bring the relaunch of the Vinyl Draught monthly networking events. Things will be the same, but different. The relaunch was inspired by the new Java Owl Coffee House in Nassau Bay. "John Wilkinson came to the 2nd Vinyl Draught event in 2015 and became a sponsor, not long after. He's a very successful Real Estate Agent and was doing a Real Estate morning show on Vinyl Draught Radio. John spent much of his life in restaurant manage and knows the food and beverage business inside and out. At the beginning of the year, he told us he was going to be leaving the show to open a coffee house. He literally traveled all over the country, visiting coffee shops and meeting with owners and staff. What he is creating in Nassau Bay has the same vibe as our previous Vinyl Draught locations. It's the kind of place people aren't used to seeing around here. Then it hit me. We can still do a monthly networking event on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 7-9. Only AM, as opposed to PM."

The event will still target established professionals. There will still be a no selling policy. Business cards will still be placed at the front of the room and not handed out. "That's about the only thing we didn't want to let go of. We still want to be a place for business people to interact with business people, without someone trying to pitch their product or service. No one goes to a networking event to buy something and yet people will go to one trying to sell something. It makes no sense."

Vinyl Draught 43 will be held on September 17th from 7-9am at the Java Owl Coffee House.

Java Owl Coffee House is located at 18021 Upper Bay Rd. in Nassau Bay.