City of Kemah to launch new radio station

By: Staff
| Published 04/04/2019


The City of Kemah is proud to announce the launch of a new digital radio station dedicated to marketing Kemah as a tourist destination and promoting tourism-based businesses. Welcome to Radio Kemah, Kemah’s Baydio Station! In addition to promoting tourism-related businesses, Radio Kemah will keep listeners informed about city events and about the best ways to get to Kemah.
The City has secured a partnership with Clear Lake Today to provide the content for Radio Kemah, including free radio commercials for Kemah's tourism-related businesses.
Radio Kemah will feature a mix of music that visitors would associate with the area, like Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Bob Marley and The Beach Boys. Plus, with T-Bone Tom's being named 2018's Trop-Rock Venue of the Year, there is a good deal of Trop Rock and Pirates and Poets artists, such as Jerry Diaz and Hannah's Reef, Kelly McGuire, Drop Dead Dangerous, Donny Brewer and more.
Doug Meisinger (C.E.O. of Clear Lake Today) is excited to see the project nearing launch. "Goodness, we started this discussion around September of 2018. Wendy (City Administrator Wendy Ellis) and I were chatting about tourism and business retention and she asked if we could create and operate a radio station, specifically for Kemah."
Kemah Mayor Carl Joiner sees this as a great opportunity for local businesses and the city. "Radio Kemah is another innovative idea to promote all the wonderful things Kemah has to offer. Kemah is a special place, with unique shops, restaurants and attractions and we love sharing that with others. As a city that relies on sales tax, it's important to the citizens that Kemah maintains a thriving tourist economy and business community."
Meisinger added, "Coming up with the profile for the station wasn't difficult. I think I have a better than average grasp on Kemah. I live there, my office was in Toucan Alley for 5 years, I'm on the board of the Kemah Community Development Corporation, I started the Kemah Business Alliance and I'm one of the Directors of their Water District (WCID 12). I knew how it needed to sound. The big thing was making sure it would be an effective tool for digitally marketing tourism to the area and tourism based businesses".
As a digital radio station, it can be accessed all over the world. "That's the idea" Meisinger continued. " Listen to the station while you're planning your trip. Listen on the drive in. Plus, for the locals, it's just a cool radio station".
Upon launch, Radio Kemah can be heard on as well as the City's website and tourism website.