Color-A-Thon Is Coming to Clear Lake!

By: Jennifer Harrup
| Published 01/14/2019


Color-A-Thon is coming to Clear Lake! Ward Elementary is hosting a Color-A-Thon Fundraiser on February 9th. This fun, healthy event is a fundraiser where students will be asking for donations and earning rewards depending on the level of donations they raise. At the end of the donation period, a 3k Color-A-Thon event will take place. The students can walk, run, skip or cartwheel through a course where they will get blasted by color dust!

To make it even more fun, the community is invited to participate

The color dust is safe, non-toxic and completely washable. It’s made of corn starch and color dyes approved by the FDA. “This is a safe and healthy fundraiser,” said Jennifer. “Plus it’s a fun way to get our students outside and have a blast while raising money.”

“We are very excited to host this Color-A-Thon event,” said Ward Elementary. “The money will be used to raise money for special projects.”

The Ward Elementary Color-A-Thon will be on February 9th at 9:00am (registration starts at 8:00am). It will be held at Ward Elementary.

To donate, contact a student or go to

Call 713-614-6848 for more information regarding this fun, healthy and charitable community event. For more information about Color-A-Thon, go to