10 Questions with Miss Kemah and Miss Kemah Teen

By: Bree Bazan
| Published 06/28/2018


Today, I had the pleasure of meeting the winners of the Miss Kemah USA and Miss Kemah Teen USA pageant,that was held on June 10th. The title of Miss Kemah USA was won by Erin Wilrich and the title of Miss Kemah Teen USA was won by Graci Gilbeaux. We sat down in the Clear Lake Today / Vinyl Draught Radio office, to discuss pageants, goals and plans for the next round. 1. Was this your first pageant? E: For me, this is going to be my fourth [pageant]. G: This was my second big pageant, I've done smaller ones around my town, but nothing like this. 2. What's your background like? What do you like to do? E: For me, I like to work out, I'm really big into fitness. I really like watching youtube videos, anything like DIY. G: Oh, me too! I also enjoy working out. I'm all about crafts, that's fun to me. 3. How was the atmosphere around the pageant? G: [First] I got into it like I would meet some rude people, I wouldn't fit in. But when I really go into it I was like "These girls are just like me." They just want to make friends, build their confidences. E: The first time I met Graci, she was actually helping one of the misses trying to learn their routine. She was like "I'll help you!" That's really like the atmosphere, especially of the Miss Kemah Pageant, it's really family oriented... We help each other and that's really what a pageant should be like because ultimately it's a sisterhood. 4. What goals do you have for your reign? G: Definitely to make Kemah proud, because it's an honor to represent them. To reach for the top and hopefully reach Miss Teen Texas. E: Same kind of goals for me, really just wanting to hone in on a lot of community service, really just want to give back to a community that's backing [me]. 5. What was your favorite part of the pageant? G: Mine's definitely meeting new people, because I've met some life long friends through the pageants. E: For me, I would say it's the interview portion, where you can talk and tell people who really are, what you really stand for. It's a time where somebody has to be quiet for a little while, and just listen to you, and how often does that happen? Everybody wants to have a say in everything. This is the point where they're really paying attention. 6. What was your motivation to compete? G: I really just wanted to show girls that no matter whats going on, no matter what happened, no matter whats happening, you can achieve anything. You really have to really have to reach for your goals and not give up, because if you're not competing, you can't win the crown. E: For doing this pageant... I'm not going to lie, this was more for me. I wanted to show that I can do this for myself, I'm more than just a nurse who wears scrubs. You know, like I can get up, and I can be in a bathing suit and show that I'm confident. and I can show you that you can do this, too, girl! 7. What are your goals for after pageant life? G: I mean, really, just the same things. You know, showing people that I can make a difference. I mean even if I'm a 'has-been' I can still do the things I'm achieving. E: For me, just really focusing on my career. Really just trying to hone more in on medical for low-income areas, trying to start some non-profits, dealing with healthcare. And just furthering myself and my career. 8. How are you preparing for the next pageant? G: Dieting. Eating greens! Working out and practice everyday. E: Definitely just keeping up with self discipline, for [my] diet and exercise. Also doing a lot more self realization activities, you will be in situations where people will ask you personal questions, and you have to be able to have an answer for that. 9. What would you say to young girls thinking about getting into pageant life? G: Definitely do it. It's really good for young women, they realize who they are and really reach their life goals. E: Just do it. Do what I did, I went on YouTube and searched 'how do I do pageants?' Like that's really what I typed in, and so many videos were like "just do it! Just sign up!" The only thing really stopping you from anything is yourself. 10. After everything was was finished and you had won, what was the first thing you ate? G: Everything. E: Meatballs... G: At the whole after party, there was shrimp with cheese wrapped in bacon.