Sonic's Pickle Juice Slush and the verdict is...

By: Bree Bazan
| Published 06/20/2018


If you haven’t heard, about a week ago Sonic released a new drink called the Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush. It has been widely talked about all over Twitter and a lot of people cannot decide how they feel about this drink. Some people are outrageously offended by the drink, while other remain optimistic. Some say the drink is only for true pickle lovers, and to an extent, this is very true, as I can imagine only those who can eat a whole pickle, or several in one sitting are the the type to enjoy this drink

Now obviously, I had to try it. Yes, that’s right, I went out and spent my hard earned money on something that could possibly be the worst drink I’d ever tasted. But I remained excited and I prepared myself for anything! Now first of all, the drink is green. I mean, what other color would you expect it to be? The drink is a fluorescent, neon green that was leaning just towards the edge of radioactive. This did not look like something I should be putting inside my body, but who cares!

The flavor itself was, in one word, weird. Before getting it I asked one of the workers what she thought of the drink, and she told me that she loves pickles but she had a really hard time drinking the Pickle Juice Slush. I was starting to get nervous. Nevertheless, I prevailed and still tried this terrifying drink. My feelings are ambiguous. On one hand it was a tasty beverage if you could ignore the notes of dill and sour in the background, it was so unexpectedly sweet that I wasn’t quite sure what I was drinking until the dill pickle flavor hit me. I was honestly just expecting to be sipping frozen pickle juice, not this sugar sweet version of it.

Honestly, if you like pickles, you might like this drink. On the other hand, if you don’t like pickles, then this drink is probably not for you. Of course, I think everyone should try it because there is nothing quite like the after flavor of pickle juice left in your mouth, combined with the intense pickle breath I had after that refused to evacuate my mouth.