City plans Parks and Open Space Master Plan public meetings

Published 04/25/2016


The City of League City is seeking public input on the Parks and Open Space Master Plan.

Citizens interested in participating in the process are invited to attend public meetings set for May.

“Public input is a crucial aspect to this process,” said Chien Wei, Parks and Cultural Services Director. “The parks and trail systems throughout League City are for this community and it’s important for us to ensure the updated plans reflect the interests of our fast-growing community.”

League City has seen tremendous growth since the plans were last updated. The current Parks and Open Space Master Plan was completed in 2005, and the Trails Master Plan in 2010. Each plan was developed and implemented to reflect the communities' needs, opinions and trends along with the standards for provisions of parks at the time.

City officials plan to update and combine both the Parks and Open Space Master Plan and Trails Master Plan into one. The plan will then reflect a detailed approach and vision for the City’s parks and trail systems.

“Updating these plans helps us develop a comprehensive and strategic approach for the parks and trail systems available to our residents,” said Wei. “It also postures us to compete competitively for grants from Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Texas Department of Transportation to execute projects and enhance the quality of life for the entire community.”

The first meeting is set for May 11, 6 p.m., at Creekside Intermediate School (4320 W. Main St., League City, Texas 77573) in the commons/cafeteria area. The second meeting is set for May 18, 6 p.m. at Clear Creek Intermediate School (2451 E. Main St., League City, Texas 77573) also in the commons/cafeteria area.

Public input may also be submitted to the Parks Department at