Webster surgeon eases tonsillectomy pain with thermal fusion

Published 12/05/2012


WEBSTER, Texas -- To enhance the care and comfort of tonsillectomy patients, surgeons at Bay Area ENT Specialists in Pearland and Webster, Texas are performing the procedure using a novel surgical technology that reduces pain and speeds healing. The device, MiFusion ENTceps® from Microline Surgical, employs Thermal Fusion Technology to remove tonsils quickly and safely with minimal damage to nearby tissue.

MiFusion ENTceps® minimizes tissue damage compared with conventional techniques

While tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures, patients often report that it is also one of the most painful. Conventional devices used to perform tonsillectomies transmit electrical energy through the patient or tissue, which can damage surrounding tissue and cause excessive bleeding and intense post-operative pain. As a result, it can take weeks for a patient to fully recover and resume his or her normal life.

“People shy away from having tonsillectomies because they’ve heard from others how uncomfortable the post-operative period can be,” said Chester L. Strunk, Jr. M.D., co-founder of Bay Area ENT Specialists. “MiFusion ENTceps is so much better than the technology that we’ve had to date. While this isn’t a pain-free procedure, it saves patients a whole lot of discomfort and healing is much faster with this method versus others that I’ve used. Frankly, I would dissuade patients from having a tonsillectomy performed in any other way. I’m that convinced that MiFusion ENTceps is the way that tonsillectomies are headed.”

Unlike conventional devices, MiFusion ENTceps employs an advanced, proprietary technology, called Thermal Fusion (also known as Tissue Welding), to remove the tonsils and simultaneously seal the tissue from which they were removed. Because the device uses only pure heat and pressure, it minimizes tissue damage, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Studies have shown that patients who have undergone MiFusion ENTceps tonsillectomies experience less pain and bleeding compared with other surgical techniques.

One of Dr. Strunk’s patients, League City resident Chrystal Barczak, had suffered from recurring tonsillitis for years but refrained from having a tonsillectomy in fear of the recovery period.

“I work in an operating room so I’ve seen surgeons perform traditional tonsillectomies and felt I wasn’t strong enough to go through that level of trauma and pain,” said Barczak. “When Dr. Strunk told me about his success with the Thermal Fusion technique, I decided it was time to stop suffering and go through with the procedure.”

Dr. Strunk performed Barczak’s tonsillectomy using MiFusion ENTceps on a Monday and by Wednesday she had stopped taking pain medication. While she anticipated being out of work for two weeks, Barczak felt well enough to return to work just one week later.

“I’ve heard about other people being out of commission for up to six weeks following a tonsillectomy but I was feeling great within days,” said Barczak.

Dr. Strunk uses MiFusion ENTceps exclusively for tonsillectomies and also uses the device to perform uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) combined with tonsillectomy for patients with obstructive sleep apnea who aren’t helped enough with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or need additional surgery to make CPAP work better.

For more information on the MiFusion ENTceps® tonsillectomy procedure, visit www.entceptional.com.