Flu shots offered at Kemah Community Center Dec. 3

Published 11/15/2012


HOUSTON -- The Galveston County Health District will be administering flu vaccinations to anyone seeking protection at the Kemah Community Center, 800 Harris Avenue on Monday, December 3rd from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Flu shots are $20 each, and staff will accept Medicare cards for reimbursement.

The flu virus spreads person to person through respiratory droplets from nasal secretions and coughing. Flu can also be contracted from touching a surface an infected person has touched. As such, health officials recommend frequent hand washing with soap and hot water, use of sanitizers when hand washing is not possible, staying home when sick, maintaining personal space away from other people, coughing or sneezing into an elbow or using a tissue and properly disposing of it immediately, keep hands away from face - especially eyes, nose and mouth, and teach children to wash their hands properly.

A complete detailed list of who should get vaccinated is available on the CDC's website at www.cdc.gov/flu/protect/whoshouldvax.htm. For additional information on GCHD's immunization services visit their website at www.gchd.org/chn/IMM.htm, or call (409) 938-2244.