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  • Houston,   TX   77058

Business Networking...with a SPIN

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About Us

Vinyl Draught is an upscale take on business networking in the Houston - Clear Lake area.

We started Vinyl Draught to fill a need. Traditionally, business networking events target newer businesses, looking to get the word out on what they do and there is no shortage of opportunities to do that. In fact, the argument could be made that our area is a bit "over networked".  After hosting and attending countless networking events all over Houston and the Houston Bay Area, we discovered that there wasn't a place for the more established and successful entrepreneurs to network. Thus, Vinyl Draught.

Our goal is to set a tone and create a culture where successful business people and entrepreneurs can feel comfortable, without the pressure of selling or being sold to. To be clear, there is no selling at Vinyl Draught. We are about building long term relationships with real Professionals. Let's face it, everyone feels they need to connect with the most successful Realtors, the most successful Attorneys, the most successful in Finance or any other industry. The hard question we all need to ask ourselves is "Do these people feel the need to connect with me?"

Vinyl Draught is a place where the Clear Lake area's business elite can continue to practice the skills that helped them excel. 

A big part of creating our culture is to "take things up a notch". Our events feature the finest Craft Beers and a soundtrack of 100% Vinyl. We also implimented a DRESS CODE of professional attire. We are there to enjoy ourselves, but we are representing what we do and the best of our industry.

Vinyl Draught is sponsored by
Clear Lake Today
Lexus of Clear Lake
John Wilkinson Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene
Gulf Coast Palapas
Mercedes-Benz of Clear Lake
ACU of Texas

Advantage BMW
Rene Toman Allstate Insurance
Redfish Home Inspections

Sweet Spot Audio and Records
Galactic Coast Brewing

Remember, it's Vinyl Draught...wear something nice.

Bertrand McHenry and Doug Meisinger

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